Dragons of Darkness

North Keep
The weapon to save all

The party attempted to enter the keep undetected but encountered Draconians. They found their way to the vault were the party was able to secure the chest that was holding a holy artifact of the gods. A medallion of the true believing and the key to bringing the gods to the fight the dragon army. The party found out this information from the keep commander Zank. The commander died after telling the party that there was an escape if the party could make it to the lower landing. There was a dock with a boat that could lead them to a city across the new sea to the north and hopefully get the medallion to safety. At this time the Dragon warriors are looking for the party so they can dispose of the holy relic.

The party fight their way to the beach and find a rag tag group of warriors of north keep fighting off the Draconians. They have been holding the line in hops that their commander would reach them. When the party get to them and clear out the last draconian they inform the remaining warriors that their commander is dead and the Kender Latch is holding a valuable holy relic. They need to cross the new see before more red dragon army warriors get to them. They set sail in hopes to make it to Salomnia to the north.

The adventure continues
The attempted return to Haven


The party attempts to return to haven after they had cleared the evil out of the old Manor and rescued of the captive taken there. On approach to the Town the party could see that the town had been taken captive by an army that flew the banner of the Red Dragon. The party could make out a wagon train leaving Haven and in some of the wagons they could see that Elistan was part of the cargo heading to Solace in the bard wagons. The wagon train was being covered by one of the red dragons and a contingent of 60 hobgoblins and 20 clocked humanoid creatures.

The party was approached by woodsmen that were defying the Dragon Army. They took the adventurers to their camp and gave shelter to the party and the former prisoners of the old Manor. At this time the party met the leader of the woods men Jeard.

Jeard informed the party of the coming of the dragon army. The party found out about the arrival of the two red dragons and the evil Cleric that controlled them. Jeard informed the party of the outpost to of North Keep that was manned with warriors to Protect the country of Abanasinia. They party made came to the conclusion they needed to travel to the keep to see if the keep could provide help in liberating the town of Haven.

The party headed to North Keep leaving the saved prisoners from the old manor with the woodsmen. in the week that followed The trek to North Keep was met with little excitement until the keep came into sight. As the party got closer to the Keep they came across a warrior in the grass moments away from death.

The party rendered aid to the warrior and found that his name was Gerrit. Gerrit informed the party that North Keep has been attacked buy the Red Dragon Army. They were attacked by evil dragon men that could kill even after they died. Gerrit informed the party that his detail was guarding a weapon that could save them from the evil of the dragon army and begged the party to liberate the weapon from inside the keep.

The evil in the old mannor
Session 6

The party find that the entrance to the upper level and ascend to find all forms of goblin and hobgoblins. They clear out the rest of the manor and save the old blacksmith and find a young woman. The Kender also finds an imprisoned daemon that he accidently frees and chases him around the dungeon.

The party arrive to a room that looks to be a throne room with a shrine to the Dark Queen. They find that the young woman they rescued was actually the evil priest to the dark Queen. She gives a prayer to her goddess and some piles of bones come to life and attacked the party. The party was able to defeat her and the skeletal warriors and found a letter from a man named Verminard. The letter informs the party that Verminards great anger toward the young priestess about the town of Haven was attacked without the full force of the Red Dragon Army. He will punish the young priestess for undermining his plans. The party head out of the old manor and try to return to Haven in hopes they are in time to prevent the town from being taken.

Dire circumstance and Dire rats
session 5

Our party continues from the room with the four sarcophaguses to the hall to the west. The party find that the hall has two large holes that are 10’ by 10’ wide and 20’ down and two doors. One at the far south corridor and another to the west that leads to the room with the portal. After the party crosses the hall, Latch and Therin fall down one of the holes and take some falling damage and find they fell into the room with the two rage drakes. Luck for them the drakes have already been killed. They climb the rope and get back to the group through one of the holes. The Kender was able to detect a trap in the door to the south and dismantled it.
When the door was opened the party found the group of hobgoblins that vanished from the room with the four sarcophaguses. They have two goblins with bows and they were waiting for the party to come back this way. The party fights bravely and with some lucky roles and the help of a flaming sphere the party was able to defeat the hobgoblin warriors, but the goblins ran off in.

The party heads outside of the keep and finds the clearing that Feyra and the old woman they had already saved. They leave the young boy with Feyra and take a long rest. After the long rest the party heads back to the keep and takes the door to the east from the entrance. They find a room after they climb some stairs to the north and they find a room with glowing runes of magic on the floor.
After the mage studies the runes for a moment two swarms of Needlefang drakes and a dark dwarf attack. The mage tells the party that the runes will harm whoever steps on them. The party defeats the enemies and the find a door that continues east and find a old man. Adronsius the alchemist chained to the wall on the south of the room. Their is also a fountain with a statue of a beautiful woman holding a staff about 3’ tall. The waters have healing properties. The party takes some of the water and leads old Adronsius out of his prison.

The party heads back to the room with the four sarcophagus and find a door that leads south. the door leads to a room with 4 statues of beasts with glowing eyes. The room has 3 giant rats and two dark dwarfs. The party defeats the rats in short work and the dwarfs fall shortly after. The room has an alter to the far east and laying on the ground is a woman bound a shivering with a fever she caught from the rats.
The party gives the woman some of the water from the healing fountain and release the woman. Mirtala the cook tells the party her name and that there is a whole other level up stairs and a young woman that needs the parties help. Session ends.

A boy in the dark and the webs lead on
session 4

The party returns to the dungeon but leave Zerriksa and Feyrah to guard her at the camp site ash she can’t bring herself to reenter the dungeon. The party consisting of the Ranger, the Wizard, Kender and Warlord head back to the keep as they did not have time to search to room with dwarves.
The room with the portal seems to have spawned another orcher jelly. The party used a distraction from the mage and passed the room without incident. Fey Step Joe ;-). The part was able to close the door and leaving the orcher jell locked behind them in the room with the dark portal. The party searched the crypt and found that the crypts were protected with a barrier that would block the passage of any evil alignment. They found a lvl 3 shield of protection laying across the breast of a dead knight, A magic rod +1 was laying next to a corps of a woman along with a magic ring with a diamond and emerald +1 to all defenses. A girdle of strength + 2 was also found in the holy crypt.


The party now equipped with new magical items they investigate the location the magma claws came from. They find a young boy in a cell next to the other kennels that looked to hold the magma claws. Thurann: The 8-year-old son of Kartenix is starved and frightened and begging the party to help him. After a few moments the kender was able to release the young boy. The boy pleads with the party to find his father as they both were in the dungeon.


The party heads back to the crypt and head east. The hallway turns north and up a stairway to a room full of spider webs. the party finds the room is occupied with strange humanoid creatures that resemble spiders. Some of the party are almost trapped in webbing as the ettercaps press the attack. The party are able to defeat all but one of the strange spider like creatures. The remaining ettercap escapes to the north door giving the party a second to breath and Thurann cries out as he finds his father Kartenix in the webbing dead.


The party follow after the ettercap and find that he entered a narrow hallway and was trying to inform a hobgoblin captain with a guard drake. The hobgoblin raises the alarm and a short encounter ensues. After the fight ended party searches the surroundings and noticed that tat the end of the hall there was a room opening up into a bigger chamber.


The kender full of interest enters the chamber and finds that he is standing on a platform 10’ looking into another room full of sarcophaguses and many hobgoblins. Arrows are sent toward the kender and he runs back to the party saying ops. The party choose to take a short rest and then enter the large room slowly. When they get in the room they find that the hobgoblins are no longer there.
The party drops down from the platform to search the sarcophaguses and find a magic long bow and a knights helm. The party finds in the far east of the room two alters that look to be set to the old gods but have been neglected and defaced. The session ends.

A dark cold portal and a hidden hot enemy
session 3

The party opens the door to the east and finds an old woman in a glowing glass prison. The woman tells the party that her name is Zerriksa. She informs the party that she was forced here and the magic prison was placed on her from a evil priestess. Zerriksa tells the party that she was causing trouble for the hobgoblins by trying to escape and the evil woman enchanted the prison to keep her out of the way.

The party found that the room was an old shrine to a lost goddess. The party was able to free Zerriksa and gave her the light source to allow the party to free up some hands. The party took a short rest in the shrine and headed back upstairs.

The party decided to take the path to the west as Zerriksa told them that other prisoners were down that path. The party was able to creep up to a second guard station set up down the hall. there were several hobgoblins and a chieftain leading them. The party was able to defeat the hobgoblins and searched the room. The party found a door to the north and one to the west. Some of the elves could hear voices speaking goblin on the other side of the door to the north. The party felt it would be better to avoid the trap they felt on the other side of the north door and chose the door to the west.
After heading west the hall turned north and into a strange triangular room. In the far end of the room to the north there was a portal that displayed a large keep in a swamp floating about a foot off the floor. In the middle of the room was a orcher jelly and it attacked on site. The party found out that as they hurt the jelly it would split first once then again causing them to fight 4 smaller Jelly like blobs.
At this time A ghostly figure can be seen in the portal and heads out of the keep in the swamp and crosses over from the portal and attacks the party. The party finishes the jelly blobs and turned their full attention to the ghostly figure. At this time a second ghostly figure ascends on the party from the portal and the party tries to find a way to close the portal.

The party were unable to find a way to close the portal were finally able to defeat the specters. The party looks closer at the portal and finds that its can only allow traffic one way from the swamp. They see this room has two doors beside the door they came through in the south. The door to the east had sounds of creatures speaking goblin talking to each other thinking the party was killed by the Specters and the slimy creature. The party takes the door to the west and that leads to a short hallway that heads north.

The party can see a room that looks to be a crypt with two short pail looking dwarfs. The dwarfs vanish into the shadows and a door opens to the north of the crypt. Two magma claws enter the room and attacked the party. the party defeat this encounter by finding the invisible dwarfs and slaughter the magma claws. At this time the party is not in good shape and decide to leave the dungeon to find a safe place to rest outside of the dungen. They have a long rest to gather their wits and re-prep their spells. session ends.

Journey to the keep and finding new friend.
session 2

The group journeys to the keep. It’s a hard path but the rangers are able to track the hobgoblins back the old and forsaken keep. As the party is looking for the entrance to the keep they find new friend. Latch the Kender was found picking over the keep seeking adventure. With the help of the Kender the party finds the entrance to the lower levels of the keep and they stumble on onto several hobgoblins and goblins guarding the entrance to the stronghold.

The fight was fierce, and the goblins triggered a fire trap. The party was able to overcome the trap and beat the guards down to one goblin that ran down a hall to the west. The party found 3 paths they could follow. West, east and north. The party decided to take the door to the north as they felt the goblin getting away and heading west would be a difficult path to tread.
After the party opens the doors to the north they found a stairwell going down to a dank and dark chamber covered in mushrooms. After the party enters the room they find a door to the east side of the chamber and a high ceiling. After a few moments in the chamber the group feels that they are not alone. Two Rage Drakes pounce on the party from the dark west side of the room. The party was able to defeat the Rage Drakes but not before almost losing one of the party members.
The party searches the room and finds that there is a balcony 20 feet up to the north. They hear crying from the door to the east and they prepare to investigate and the session ends.

Adventure Begins
session 1

The elven nation of Qualinesti has been having skermishes with a unknown force. Rumors of an army invading in the north have been spreading. The Speaker of the Suns the ruler of the elven nation Qualinesti has tasked his son Gilthanas to investigate and hinder this enemy force.

Gilthanas recruited the rangers Alkiah and Feyrah for a scouting mission the town of Haven. Gilthanas met a traveling wizard that recently passed the test at the Tower of High Sorcery of Wayreth. Ardumas was tasked with finding a contact in the city of Haven the warlord Theron. Theron being a half elf and a friend to Qualinost and a town guard of Haven is to be the contact for the even scouting mission.

As the meeting at the Prancing Pony starts there is a alarm raised in the town. A group of hobgoblins and goblins invaded the inn and attacked the player characters. The characters fight back and keep several of the towns people from harm.
After the fight in the inn ends the party heads to the streets to see that the city of Haven was under attack. They engaged a group of hobgoblins and an ogre and defeated them in a street fight that ended with a cache of pitch exploding and killing the ogre.
After the main force of hobgoblins fled the town after looting and killing many towns people the party was summoned by the Council of High Seekers. They were met by a Elistan a member of the council and thanked the party for their heroic deeds. Elistan informed the party of the state of the city and that they were able to interrogate a hobgoblin captive. The Hobgoblin then revealed that the raiding party attacked from a broken down keep to the far west in the mountains.

At this time a several towns people came to the council of high seeker pleading for help as several towns people have been taken as slaves by the hobgoblins. A young man badly hurt had informed Elistan that the Hall of Antiquity has been sacked and several holy relics have been taken.

Elistan pleads with the party to recover the kidnaped towns foke and the missing relics. The party agrees and with the aid of the town they prepare to take the journey to the west to find the lost keep and save the pore individuals if they can. Session ends.


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