Dragons of Darkness

Journey to the keep and finding new friend.

session 2

The group journeys to the keep. It’s a hard path but the rangers are able to track the hobgoblins back the old and forsaken keep. As the party is looking for the entrance to the keep they find new friend. Latch the Kender was found picking over the keep seeking adventure. With the help of the Kender the party finds the entrance to the lower levels of the keep and they stumble on onto several hobgoblins and goblins guarding the entrance to the stronghold.

The fight was fierce, and the goblins triggered a fire trap. The party was able to overcome the trap and beat the guards down to one goblin that ran down a hall to the west. The party found 3 paths they could follow. West, east and north. The party decided to take the door to the north as they felt the goblin getting away and heading west would be a difficult path to tread.
After the party opens the doors to the north they found a stairwell going down to a dank and dark chamber covered in mushrooms. After the party enters the room they find a door to the east side of the chamber and a high ceiling. After a few moments in the chamber the group feels that they are not alone. Two Rage Drakes pounce on the party from the dark west side of the room. The party was able to defeat the Rage Drakes but not before almost losing one of the party members.
The party searches the room and finds that there is a balcony 20 feet up to the north. They hear crying from the door to the east and they prepare to investigate and the session ends.



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