Dragons of Darkness

Dire circumstance and Dire rats

session 5

Our party continues from the room with the four sarcophaguses to the hall to the west. The party find that the hall has two large holes that are 10’ by 10’ wide and 20’ down and two doors. One at the far south corridor and another to the west that leads to the room with the portal. After the party crosses the hall, Latch and Therin fall down one of the holes and take some falling damage and find they fell into the room with the two rage drakes. Luck for them the drakes have already been killed. They climb the rope and get back to the group through one of the holes. The Kender was able to detect a trap in the door to the south and dismantled it.
When the door was opened the party found the group of hobgoblins that vanished from the room with the four sarcophaguses. They have two goblins with bows and they were waiting for the party to come back this way. The party fights bravely and with some lucky roles and the help of a flaming sphere the party was able to defeat the hobgoblin warriors, but the goblins ran off in.

The party heads outside of the keep and finds the clearing that Feyra and the old woman they had already saved. They leave the young boy with Feyra and take a long rest. After the long rest the party heads back to the keep and takes the door to the east from the entrance. They find a room after they climb some stairs to the north and they find a room with glowing runes of magic on the floor.
After the mage studies the runes for a moment two swarms of Needlefang drakes and a dark dwarf attack. The mage tells the party that the runes will harm whoever steps on them. The party defeats the enemies and the find a door that continues east and find a old man. Adronsius the alchemist chained to the wall on the south of the room. Their is also a fountain with a statue of a beautiful woman holding a staff about 3’ tall. The waters have healing properties. The party takes some of the water and leads old Adronsius out of his prison.

The party heads back to the room with the four sarcophagus and find a door that leads south. the door leads to a room with 4 statues of beasts with glowing eyes. The room has 3 giant rats and two dark dwarfs. The party defeats the rats in short work and the dwarfs fall shortly after. The room has an alter to the far east and laying on the ground is a woman bound a shivering with a fever she caught from the rats.
The party gives the woman some of the water from the healing fountain and release the woman. Mirtala the cook tells the party her name and that there is a whole other level up stairs and a young woman that needs the parties help. Session ends.



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