Dragons of Darkness

Adventure Begins

session 1

The elven nation of Qualinesti has been having skermishes with a unknown force. Rumors of an army invading in the north have been spreading. The Speaker of the Suns the ruler of the elven nation Qualinesti has tasked his son Gilthanas to investigate and hinder this enemy force.

Gilthanas recruited the rangers Alkiah and Feyrah for a scouting mission the town of Haven. Gilthanas met a traveling wizard that recently passed the test at the Tower of High Sorcery of Wayreth. Ardumas was tasked with finding a contact in the city of Haven the warlord Theron. Theron being a half elf and a friend to Qualinost and a town guard of Haven is to be the contact for the even scouting mission.

As the meeting at the Prancing Pony starts there is a alarm raised in the town. A group of hobgoblins and goblins invaded the inn and attacked the player characters. The characters fight back and keep several of the towns people from harm.
After the fight in the inn ends the party heads to the streets to see that the city of Haven was under attack. They engaged a group of hobgoblins and an ogre and defeated them in a street fight that ended with a cache of pitch exploding and killing the ogre.
After the main force of hobgoblins fled the town after looting and killing many towns people the party was summoned by the Council of High Seekers. They were met by a Elistan a member of the council and thanked the party for their heroic deeds. Elistan informed the party of the state of the city and that they were able to interrogate a hobgoblin captive. The Hobgoblin then revealed that the raiding party attacked from a broken down keep to the far west in the mountains.

At this time a several towns people came to the council of high seeker pleading for help as several towns people have been taken as slaves by the hobgoblins. A young man badly hurt had informed Elistan that the Hall of Antiquity has been sacked and several holy relics have been taken.

Elistan pleads with the party to recover the kidnaped towns foke and the missing relics. The party agrees and with the aid of the town they prepare to take the journey to the west to find the lost keep and save the pore individuals if they can. Session ends.



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