Dragons of Darkness

A dark cold portal and a hidden hot enemy

session 3

The party opens the door to the east and finds an old woman in a glowing glass prison. The woman tells the party that her name is Zerriksa. She informs the party that she was forced here and the magic prison was placed on her from a evil priestess. Zerriksa tells the party that she was causing trouble for the hobgoblins by trying to escape and the evil woman enchanted the prison to keep her out of the way.

The party found that the room was an old shrine to a lost goddess. The party was able to free Zerriksa and gave her the light source to allow the party to free up some hands. The party took a short rest in the shrine and headed back upstairs.

The party decided to take the path to the west as Zerriksa told them that other prisoners were down that path. The party was able to creep up to a second guard station set up down the hall. there were several hobgoblins and a chieftain leading them. The party was able to defeat the hobgoblins and searched the room. The party found a door to the north and one to the west. Some of the elves could hear voices speaking goblin on the other side of the door to the north. The party felt it would be better to avoid the trap they felt on the other side of the north door and chose the door to the west.
After heading west the hall turned north and into a strange triangular room. In the far end of the room to the north there was a portal that displayed a large keep in a swamp floating about a foot off the floor. In the middle of the room was a orcher jelly and it attacked on site. The party found out that as they hurt the jelly it would split first once then again causing them to fight 4 smaller Jelly like blobs.
At this time A ghostly figure can be seen in the portal and heads out of the keep in the swamp and crosses over from the portal and attacks the party. The party finishes the jelly blobs and turned their full attention to the ghostly figure. At this time a second ghostly figure ascends on the party from the portal and the party tries to find a way to close the portal.

The party were unable to find a way to close the portal were finally able to defeat the specters. The party looks closer at the portal and finds that its can only allow traffic one way from the swamp. They see this room has two doors beside the door they came through in the south. The door to the east had sounds of creatures speaking goblin talking to each other thinking the party was killed by the Specters and the slimy creature. The party takes the door to the west and that leads to a short hallway that heads north.

The party can see a room that looks to be a crypt with two short pail looking dwarfs. The dwarfs vanish into the shadows and a door opens to the north of the crypt. Two magma claws enter the room and attacked the party. the party defeat this encounter by finding the invisible dwarfs and slaughter the magma claws. At this time the party is not in good shape and decide to leave the dungeon to find a safe place to rest outside of the dungen. They have a long rest to gather their wits and re-prep their spells. session ends.



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