Dragons of Darkness

A boy in the dark and the webs lead on

session 4

The party returns to the dungeon but leave Zerriksa and Feyrah to guard her at the camp site ash she can’t bring herself to reenter the dungeon. The party consisting of the Ranger, the Wizard, Kender and Warlord head back to the keep as they did not have time to search to room with dwarves.
The room with the portal seems to have spawned another orcher jelly. The party used a distraction from the mage and passed the room without incident. Fey Step Joe ;-). The part was able to close the door and leaving the orcher jell locked behind them in the room with the dark portal. The party searched the crypt and found that the crypts were protected with a barrier that would block the passage of any evil alignment. They found a lvl 3 shield of protection laying across the breast of a dead knight, A magic rod +1 was laying next to a corps of a woman along with a magic ring with a diamond and emerald +1 to all defenses. A girdle of strength + 2 was also found in the holy crypt.


The party now equipped with new magical items they investigate the location the magma claws came from. They find a young boy in a cell next to the other kennels that looked to hold the magma claws. Thurann: The 8-year-old son of Kartenix is starved and frightened and begging the party to help him. After a few moments the kender was able to release the young boy. The boy pleads with the party to find his father as they both were in the dungeon.


The party heads back to the crypt and head east. The hallway turns north and up a stairway to a room full of spider webs. the party finds the room is occupied with strange humanoid creatures that resemble spiders. Some of the party are almost trapped in webbing as the ettercaps press the attack. The party are able to defeat all but one of the strange spider like creatures. The remaining ettercap escapes to the north door giving the party a second to breath and Thurann cries out as he finds his father Kartenix in the webbing dead.


The party follow after the ettercap and find that he entered a narrow hallway and was trying to inform a hobgoblin captain with a guard drake. The hobgoblin raises the alarm and a short encounter ensues. After the fight ended party searches the surroundings and noticed that tat the end of the hall there was a room opening up into a bigger chamber.


The kender full of interest enters the chamber and finds that he is standing on a platform 10’ looking into another room full of sarcophaguses and many hobgoblins. Arrows are sent toward the kender and he runs back to the party saying ops. The party choose to take a short rest and then enter the large room slowly. When they get in the room they find that the hobgoblins are no longer there.
The party drops down from the platform to search the sarcophaguses and find a magic long bow and a knights helm. The party finds in the far east of the room two alters that look to be set to the old gods but have been neglected and defaced. The session ends.



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